The table that started the vision.

Inspired by a table built by a father, Hey Rube was born in 2017. “Watching my father build a dining table for our family, I realized where my passion for interiors is rooted. At that table, meals would be shared, tears would be shed, hearts would be healed, and many celebrations would be hosted. Love was being poured into the creation of that table for these reasons.” - Becca Gaines

Built around the philosophy of ever-green, ever-relevant, timeless design, our collections are curated to inspire generations. Each of the selections offered at Hey Rube articulates the importance of intentional design and meaningful spaces. A sampling of our design firm's favorite hand-crafted Belgian Linens, American-made upholstery, casegoods, lighting, and antiques from all over the world are available for purchase in our Germantown showroom. Hey Rube has aligned with makers like Verellen, Libeco, Henkel Harris and more who share our passion for people and luxury craft, bringing some of the finest products in the design industry to the Mid-South.  If a strong table can foster friendships and strengthen families, then thoughtful design can improve lives.

“Hey Rube is an old circus phrase I learned from my father, one of the finest American slapstick circus clowns you could ever meet. Like that community of performers, he has a heart for creatively entertaining strangers…something design professionals must know a lot about. Similarly, we take pride in outfitting spaces where friends and family build their own cherished memories and even bless the lives of those they welcome inside. So back to ‘Hey Rube’ - it is actually a rally cry for help among the entertainers, and it would catalyze a full-on brawl. Because we love Memphis, we’re asking customers and colleagues to join us in that fight as we develop ways to give back to our city.” - Becca Gaines

We believe in facilitating change and giving back. We strive to create a brighter future for the people of tomorrow with intentional interiors. Always available in store, our remnant stuffies are designed and sewn by a BGID team member from workroom scraps that would typically be thrown away. All profits from the stuffies are donated to charities in the Greater Memphis Area. Supporting other local artist is also something we hold near. We believe in garnering the idea community over competion, that kindness is always key. Rally with us to invest in creativity, invest in our community, and love Memphis. Are you ready to join the fight?

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