Becca Gaines – designer, philanthropist, dreamer – is above all a storyteller, weaving together distinctive furnishings, refined fabrics and unexpected accents to elevate your space and to tell the story of the people who live or work there. Partnering with B. Gaines Interior Design is a highly collaborative experience.

Based in Germantown, TN, Becca and her team offer a full-service interior design firm, curating sophisticated residences and commercial projects from concept to completion. B. Gaines projects are recognized by their expertly intentioned juxtaposition: charming utility, traditional modernity, humble elegance, artistic livability and subtle luxury. When customers or guests arrive in your space, they should immediately understand something about you. Our passion is telling your story.



At B. Gaines Interior Design, our values are built on developing meaningful relationships, challenging the status quo and creating quality that lasts. We also believe in collaborating with licensed, experienced building professionals who match our level of standards in innovation, integrity and craftsmanship. The end result is thoughtfully designed spaces that are impactful, elegant and personal.



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