Decorating for the holidays is a joyful process, a way to express creativity. For us, it is a memory we share with people we love in spaces we love. We wanted to put together a conceptional guide for our readers to experience what a B. Gaines Interior Design Christmas tablescape might look like. Using our pottery line, linens, and utensils we partnered with Garden District for florals and decor, along with Sweet Lala’s Bakery for the blueberry pie. The best news, you can shop this exact look or put your personal twist on it. This moody tablescape features a palette of deep greens with black, red, and gold accents that softly convey the Christmas spirit.

Brushed with gold and silver, our palette is simple and festive. We pulled the sweet metallic deer and glass containers from our friends at Garden District. They designed the stunning floral arrangement to stand as the central feature. Garden District was able to understand our vision and elevate it. Their store is home to beautiful flowers, plants, containers, and antiques. We thank them for their collaboration on this project! Contact Garden District for information on a similar floral arrangement, the glass containers, and the metallic deer.

The mixture of our in-house pottery and Libeco Linens articulate exquisite craftsmanship, and the moody saturation of the fumed table finish creates the perfect canvas for this tablescape. For information on purchasing the pottery, linens, utensils, or any furniture seen, contact Hey Rube

To finish the look off, we added a delicious treat from our friends at Sweet Lala’s Bakery. Light and gooey, the blueberry pie mets in your mouth. We thank Sweet Lala’s Bakery for their collaboration on this project! Contact them for information on all things desserts.

The Lazy Susan adds a personal touch with a nod of Becca’s loved ones. This piece was built by Becca’s father out of old wood from a dear friend’s barn.

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