We are so glad you’re here! From interior design tips and tricks to Becca’s favorite things, we hope you find our new blog to be useful, practical, and most importantly, inspirational. We begin this new journey, by setting the tone with a little Q+A from the owner and lead interior designer herself, Becca Gaines.

Q: What is your favorite trend?

A: “I really don’t focus on trends as much as trying to create an innovative and fresh design out of classic elements for my clients. This way they have a space that truly stands the test of time. However, I personally love the color green. I have really enjoyed seeing so much of it trending in the market through 2019, from olive to shades of pine green. “

Q: Where do you start in a room?

A: “My starting point for each space and for each client is probably a little bit different. Instead of starting with a particular piece, I like to evaluate what’s important to the homeowner. Now, that could be a piece of furniture like a grandfather’s table or something sentimental. Or they may tell me that it’s really important that a particular space draws their kids to spend time there on a Friday night with friends. If there’s nothing especially important to them I’ll start by evaluating their style and their lifestyle. Bringing multiple concepts to preliminary presentation can help me identify what they might be most excited to have in the space or a new way for them to use the space that they hadn’t thought of before.”

Q: What is your favorite part about Interior Design?

A: “My favorite part about interior design is that it is both creative and relational. I get to design new environments inspired by real people. Then, watching that design come to life and watching those people enjoy the space is the most rewarding part! ”

Q: All time favorite paint color

A: “Sherwin Williams Natural Choice. It’s a great almost-white with the perfect mix of undertones. It works well with gray and is still warm and cozy.”

Q: Who or what do you find your inspiration in?

A": “I find inspiration in a lot of places. My clients, my friends and my mentors. Nature, places I go daily, and new places I travel to. And experiences especially emotional ones. I really value the work of certain design icons and the advice of other leaders in my industry. I think the influence of some of these people can be seen in my work.”

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